Robert Stephens Award

Robert W. Stephens was a Glen Region member and founder of the NYSRRC series. Each year the Glen Region chooses as this trophy's recipient someone who exemplifies the phrase "In the Spirit of the Sport"

Inter-Regional Award

Given to the region whose drivers accumulate the most points

Class Champions

Awarded to the top drivers in points in each class. Trophies will be given per GCR or better.

Driver of the Year

Chosen by the NYSRRC officials based on performance, attitude and contribution to the sport. Nominations from participants are encouraged and welcome

Eddie Whitmore Memorial Formula Vee Trophy

The winner of this trophy is a formula vee driver chosen by the formula vee drivers in the series. "Skill-Sportsmanship-Spirit" are the criteria used in determining its recipient

Top Ten Drivers

Given to the ten drivers with the most points. Ties will be broken based on average points per event and then by number of wins, seconds, etc...

New York State Road Racing Championship