New York State Road Racing Championship

Eligible Race Classes

All recognized SCCA national classes plus: ASR, CF, LEGENDS, SM, SSM, SPO, SPU and all IT classes will be included in each of the weekends. Enduro and ITE are for this series in the same class. CF and NCF are also considered the same class for this series. The NEDiv rules for ITE will be in effect. SSM rules will be determined by the sanctioning region. READ THE SUPPS!!!


Any driver competing in the same class for (5) or more of the scheduled races will be eligible for year-end points awards. All entrants are eligible for series points provided the NYSRRC sticker is displayed on both sides of the car for that race. Stickers may be obtained at the track in tech, from the NYSRRC steward or by contacting the series administrator. 

A maximum of 2 race results will be used for any given weekend. If there are three races in a weekend, the best two points results will be used. 

Again, registration is not required. All entrants are eligible for NYSRRC point provided they have met the above requirements.


Registration for the series is not required. However, be aware that it is very important to the pointskeeper that you use consistency when you register for races. Slight changes in your name, or illegible license numbers can cause great stress! Remember the pointskeeper has to look at ALL the results from ALL the races and give you the points you earn. If you use a different name and the license number is misread or not there, it makes it difficult to verify that it is you and not some other driver. So make things easier for yourself by using the on-line event registration provided by the organizing region. If for no other reason, there won't be typo's! For 2014, this will be either MotorsportsReg or DLB Racing. Links should be available on the NeDiv Website

Preferred Numbers- Contact Marsha Toombs

Participants may file their preferred car numbers with NYSRRC. The registrars will attempt to hold them for those drivers until the late entry date for each NYSRRC event. After that date, car numbers are assigned based on date of receipt of a valid entry. (NOTE: Since some NYSRRC events will be held in conjunction with other series such as: MARRS, NARRC or the KRYDER SERIES, some conflicts may arise with reserved numbers. It is highly recommended that participants file the same preferred number with each series.

To register your preferred number please email Marsha Toombs at State your driver ID (SCCA Member Number), last name, first name, region of record, class or classes, car make/model and desired number

After the end of a season, preferred numbers may be renewed by sending an email to Marsha Toombs at All numbers that have not been renewed by March 1st of the next season, will be deleted and they can be received on a first come first served basis by any driver.