New York State Road Racing Championship

 ​​​​​​2020 Points

 After Round 1 (New Hampshire)

​ After Round 2 (Limerock)


 After Round 3 (Watkins Glen)

After Round 4 (New Hampshire)


After Round 5 (Watkins Glen)


After Round 6 (Thompson)


Points System

All staged races, including qualifying races, will count for points towards the series championship (with a maximum of 2 points races in any 1 weekend). Points will be awarded as follows:

1st Place = 20

2nd Place = 13

3rd Place = 10

4th Place = 8

5th Place = 6

6th Place = 5

7th Place = 4

8th Place = 3

9th Place = 2

10th Place = 1

​All other finishers will receive 1 point.

In addition to the finishing place points, (1) additional point will be awarded for each starting car in class you place above only to 10th Place 

To receive points for a race you must complete half of the laps of the race winner  


The pointskeeper is responsible for your accumulated points. Anything you can do to assist is greatly appreciated. Your points will be calculated from the events official results. The pontskeeper will work closely with the administrator and the series stewards to keep all the registered participants informed. Points standings will be posted on the website after each event.